Lithium battery data

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DOD (Depth of Discharge) indicates the energy drew from the battery during one cycle, and it defined as the difference between the maximum set charge level and the minimum set charge level.

Eg: for a 100Ah battery a DOD of 80% equals to a discharge if 80Ah of the battery. This means that, setting the maximum charging level at 90% we draw power up to 10%.


Bruno prefers Lithium Battery compared to Lead Acid, because of the following key reasons:

  1. Weight: 1/3 than Lead Acid Battery;
  2. Round trip Efficiency: > 98%;
  3. DoD*: up to 90%;
  4. Life: more life cycles, up to 9000;
  5. Less Environmental impact of decommissioning.

 05 1*Depth of Discharge

Batteries Remote Control

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Remote controller device, designed by UNITS CONTROL, a company of Bruno Group, can be used for stopping/starting generating sets, blocking/unblocking control panel, resetting alarms, switching between manual auto start & automatic mode and more features such as fuel management, battery level, oil pressure, engine temperature, etc.

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